Friday, September 2, 2011

Just finished the Organic Chemistry Series and ready for a new year of Chemical engeneering.

I just want to congratulate every one of my classmates that participated in the final Organic Chemistry Lecture and Lab series with me. I think that you all were amazing. And to all of my fellow Calculus class mates I would like to proffer this humble reminder of the great things ahead of all of us when we've finished these hard courses that will make us into the engeneers that we all will be within just a few short months. So it is down to the wire and the future looks brighter than ever. I've learned how to protect functional groups and isolate reactions by creating buffers and allowing the pH of the reaction to progress reactions through selective processes to formulate new ways to develop the polymers that will one day soon make all of our lives better. I'm hoping to take this little break between classes to explore some sources for the building materials for the chemicals that I believe will make dynamic changes in the daily lives of the entire world. Competing toe to toe with the worlds chemical manufacturers with natural chemicals is an exciting and novel way to make use of elements that were conceptually null just a few months ago. The world of Chemical equations has opened a bright future for myself and all of those that join in this adventure with me. And right now I'm going surfing while the tide is right. Malibu, here I come. Hey want to know more about the surf now in Malibu look at the link below:
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