Thursday, June 30, 2011

Keeping up with the news

I love writing more than any thing that I use my time for. The problem with writing is having  the time to do all of the writing that I have become responsible for. Every writing guide, style or mechanical, that I've had the good fortune to be reading stresses the importance of writing dutifully every day for a considerable amount of time in order to become proficient at utilizing the skills that one is trying to develop. Now, assuming that one has read deeply in the general literary field and specificilly within the body of knowledge about which one intends to proclaim proficiency in pontificating about, one should be able to spout endless lines of prose regarding any number of diverse topics reasonably well enough to put something down on paper that can be polished or modified into opines that can be appreciated. And if faithfully done for two hours every day, one will find rather shortly that being readable and slightly interesting, a market will be available for volumes and volumes of the stuff that may one day, if the proper powers that be are appeased, become marketable enough to be placed within a binding and shuffled offed to the Library of Congress for official sanction and the issuance of an ISBN number. Anything that can be bound should be sent and then it is only a matter of time before your tome will take its rightful place amongst the dust gatherers of  literary giants of days of yore. Happy writing, sports fans. 

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