Friday, September 2, 2011

Just finished the Organic Chemistry Series and ready for a new year of Chemical engeneering.

I just want to congratulate every one of my classmates that participated in the final Organic Chemistry Lecture and Lab series with me. I think that you all were amazing. And to all of my fellow Calculus class mates I would like to proffer this humble reminder of the great things ahead of all of us when we've finished these hard courses that will make us into the engeneers that we all will be within just a few short months. So it is down to the wire and the future looks brighter than ever. I've learned how to protect functional groups and isolate reactions by creating buffers and allowing the pH of the reaction to progress reactions through selective processes to formulate new ways to develop the polymers that will one day soon make all of our lives better. I'm hoping to take this little break between classes to explore some sources for the building materials for the chemicals that I believe will make dynamic changes in the daily lives of the entire world. Competing toe to toe with the worlds chemical manufacturers with natural chemicals is an exciting and novel way to make use of elements that were conceptually null just a few months ago. The world of Chemical equations has opened a bright future for myself and all of those that join in this adventure with me. And right now I'm going surfing while the tide is right. Malibu, here I come. Hey want to know more about the surf now in Malibu look at the link below:
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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Keeping up with the news

I love writing more than any thing that I use my time for. The problem with writing is having  the time to do all of the writing that I have become responsible for. Every writing guide, style or mechanical, that I've had the good fortune to be reading stresses the importance of writing dutifully every day for a considerable amount of time in order to become proficient at utilizing the skills that one is trying to develop. Now, assuming that one has read deeply in the general literary field and specificilly within the body of knowledge about which one intends to proclaim proficiency in pontificating about, one should be able to spout endless lines of prose regarding any number of diverse topics reasonably well enough to put something down on paper that can be polished or modified into opines that can be appreciated. And if faithfully done for two hours every day, one will find rather shortly that being readable and slightly interesting, a market will be available for volumes and volumes of the stuff that may one day, if the proper powers that be are appeased, become marketable enough to be placed within a binding and shuffled offed to the Library of Congress for official sanction and the issuance of an ISBN number. Anything that can be bound should be sent and then it is only a matter of time before your tome will take its rightful place amongst the dust gatherers of  literary giants of days of yore. Happy writing, sports fans. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Graduates everywhere, but are they green?

The need for green industries and jobs has never been greater on this planet, and Universities continue to churn out degrees tied to old school industries nearly completely oblivious to the changes in the world that awaits the graduates the future. As recently as one year ago, awards were passed out for environmentally friendly green buildings incorporating fuel manufacturing retailing and housing. In the forward thinking buildings of the future, the multi-use construction projects are shifting the designs for the future that modern  society is seeking. In 2010, California State University in Los Angeles (CSULA) was awarded for a building design that incorporates four 175 Kg Hydrogen electrolysis generators in a retail station, parking garage topped with housing units with a roof filled with the solar collectors that manufacture the fuel right on the premises. A fill up for a 4 Kg tank costs just $12 dollars and the fuel is non-polluting, lasts for a weeks worth of commuting, and returns the benefits of property maintenance right to the residence of the building. This design project was funded by energy companies and Praxair, one of the leading manufactures of gas in the country. The Oxygen which is separated from the water, which is partly gathered from the rain that falls on the roof, will be sold to companies that use gas in their normal business practices as one of its byproducts and will eliminate the hydrocarbons that are added to the environment in its manufacture presently. If you think that we're talking about a technology that is decades in the future, let me assure you that the hydrogen generating plant is very much a reality and CSULA has one such plant on its campus that is acting as a teaching facility for engineers,  and will open this fall as a fully functioning fueling station.

Friday, June 10, 2011

MIT really can fuel your car with water.

I remember hearing an odd story as a teenager about a man that had invented a process to power his vehicle using nothing but water, and I thought that it was the most ridiculous idea that I had ever heard of. Now perhaps that was a prejudice that I had had impressed upon me by a fossil fuel industry that was desperately holding onto its market share for as long as possible. Well it appears that MIT has now developed a solar cell that uses the naturally occurring photosynthetic process that leaves do, to split water into its two naturally occurring components of oxygen and hydrogen. If you think that I'm using that "naturally occurring" phrase a bit much, I assure you that it is with poetic license. Those two gases, one of which is used as a fuel in Hydrogen fuel cells and has been much sought after and studied as a source of energy; occur naturally but not inexpensively. Various methods of releasing those components of water into an easily collectible form have been developed, but until now the fuel needed to produce the product has been more costly than the return on the investment. Now with the advent of the manufacturing process that uses the passive power of the sun, free; we have a system of manufacturing this greatly desired fuel for pennies; and the ROI is extremely high. To use a coined phrase, I'm gelling. I'm running in the Boston marathon next year and I'm going to drive out of Massachusetts with my first tank of Solar Cell produced Hydrogen Fuel and I'll be counting the minutes that it takes me to give those hydrogens back the the environment in which they naturally occur. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Criminals of any age had better beware.

The University of Technology in Sydney Australia has recently announced some rather good news for those interested in solving crimes where, the non-porous surfaces have made the detection of  fingerprints difficult or impossible to collect. Such surfaces, such as skin, have made it near to impossible to detect finger marks. That is all about to change very quickly, according to the marvelous research that has been conducted in Sydney Australia. Isn't it marvelous that the nation that was originally founded as a prison for hardened criminals of the UK, will soon yield the most exciting news to come out of Criminal Science in the last hundred years. Dr. Spindler, pHd. the principle researcher says that latent finger-marks of any age can be detected, making the solving of cold cases a new and exciting possibility.  Elliot Ness would be very proud indeed.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Green Lantern 3D:

Opening in theaters June 17 2011. The Green Lantern 3D: the rise of the Man hunters is based on the DC Comics hit the Green Lantern. Re envisioned in 1949 by DC Comics editor Julius Schwartz, of Batman and Superman fame, The green Lantern's hero Hal Reynolds, is recruited by a dying purple alien to take the ring that chooses its own owner with the stipulation that they must be able to overcome fear, and swear the oath to the lantern, to join the intergalactic legion of super heroes, the green Lantern Corps. Hal travels to the home planet of the alien AO, and trains as a green lantern guardian who must defend sector 2814 planets including earth, against the menace Parallax, Hal’s alter ego of the future, and enlists the help of other green lantern corps officers to protect earth from annihilation. See the exciting trailer here. 

Micro Mini Bikini

 The advent of the atomic bomb is the occasion of the name for the microscopic clothing item that women enjoy wearing on public beaches here in the United States. The 55th anniversary of the Atomic bomb test that occurred May 21st 2011 marks the end of an era associated with the coldest period of political brinkmanship that the world has ever known and yet we have managed to survive it with perhaps nothing more than our most modest of sensibilities unscathed. We've yet to have been caught with our pants completely down in the political arena,  but as Americans here in the United States we suffer from the kind of nihilistic disassociation  from political reality that few on this planet can afford to be found guilty of. Sporting, perhaps the second largest military on the planet we flex our political muscle at will. Brandishing our arms, which auspiciously regulate the arms pricing and rate of manufacture on the planet, we writhe in a death dance clamoring with indignant cry s for freedom and the right to express our political views freely and exploit those lesser food chain items with an impunity that bespeaks our fealty to any deity, perhaps other than Minerva or Mithra. Shaking out our arms is a pastime that regularly occupies the minds of both Statesmen and Generals preferring to let the peace making go the way of the victors of battles. Now the Afghan Chief-tons are beginning to stretch their legs and get a feeling of rising up taking note of the long term plan of the annexation of the homeland of the Arab and the annihilation of the body politic of Islam. The reality of the ownership of the desert sands which heretofore has been uncontested by US interests, is in fact the very land upon which the Generals of the US are so fervently inclined to mix with the blood of our Brother Arabs. We are coming and we shall make a noise which will clog the ears of the Persian gods that will not soon be forgotten in the land of the Camel and the date. The land where the bikini is shunned and the wearers of such things are condemned to death for tempting the weak desires of the men of the most repressive nations on earth. We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men & women are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights: the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.