Monday, May 30, 2011

How I invented the Internet.

I was siting in the computer lab early one Monday morning getting ready to open my user account on the HP 3000, when what to my surprise I received an error message from the server that the file didn't exist on the server. Now this was very upsetting because I had spent most of the afternoon entering the Basic instructions for the program and was certain that I had received an end of file reached and save successful message back from the server before I took up my tape instruction set and put it in my backpack. So I checked the server logs in the cage and low and behold an Instructor had come into the computer lab and after entering his instructions into the terminal had determined that there wasn't enough room to store his files on the server. So having the authority as an Instructor he deleted the most recently saved days work to make room for his file. Now this little bit of news was very disconcerting to the others programmers and myself and needless to say we were just a little pissed at the instructor for taking it upon him self to delete our hard work. Just then the lab assistant came running in and exclaimed that the instructor had considered deleting our entire account to make room for his files because he couldn't imagine what students might need a computer access account for anyway. (to be continued...)

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William Wagner Granizo: 1984 Olympic Fantasy.

I have the very good fortune of working and attending at a University where the Olympics have been held in the past; where a tradition of Art and a sense of Culture has been fostered and encouraged; in an environment of diversity and understanding of the rich culture that is sustained in Los Angeles by our collective cultural History. William Wagner Granizo was one of those influences. He was commissioned in 1979 to create a tile Mosaic mural for the students of California State University at Los Angeles entitled Campus. It was made with the aid of photographs of students, in attendance in the summer of 1979. His work was loved and appreciated so much by the community, that he was asked to create several other murals in the East Los Angeles area . When it came time to decorate 2300 square feet of a gymnasium for the 1984 Olympics Judo Venue for the Olympics in 1984, Granizo was of course the first choice. The 26 year old Installation was recently restored, and the process was  documented on my Granizo Mural Memorial page. Come have a look to see the painstaking labor of love in restoring this Community mural to it rightful place as a National treasure.

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