Sunday, June 5, 2011

Micro Mini Bikini

 The advent of the atomic bomb is the occasion of the name for the microscopic clothing item that women enjoy wearing on public beaches here in the United States. The 55th anniversary of the Atomic bomb test that occurred May 21st 2011 marks the end of an era associated with the coldest period of political brinkmanship that the world has ever known and yet we have managed to survive it with perhaps nothing more than our most modest of sensibilities unscathed. We've yet to have been caught with our pants completely down in the political arena,  but as Americans here in the United States we suffer from the kind of nihilistic disassociation  from political reality that few on this planet can afford to be found guilty of. Sporting, perhaps the second largest military on the planet we flex our political muscle at will. Brandishing our arms, which auspiciously regulate the arms pricing and rate of manufacture on the planet, we writhe in a death dance clamoring with indignant cry s for freedom and the right to express our political views freely and exploit those lesser food chain items with an impunity that bespeaks our fealty to any deity, perhaps other than Minerva or Mithra. Shaking out our arms is a pastime that regularly occupies the minds of both Statesmen and Generals preferring to let the peace making go the way of the victors of battles. Now the Afghan Chief-tons are beginning to stretch their legs and get a feeling of rising up taking note of the long term plan of the annexation of the homeland of the Arab and the annihilation of the body politic of Islam. The reality of the ownership of the desert sands which heretofore has been uncontested by US interests, is in fact the very land upon which the Generals of the US are so fervently inclined to mix with the blood of our Brother Arabs. We are coming and we shall make a noise which will clog the ears of the Persian gods that will not soon be forgotten in the land of the Camel and the date. The land where the bikini is shunned and the wearers of such things are condemned to death for tempting the weak desires of the men of the most repressive nations on earth. We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men & women are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights: the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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