Thursday, June 9, 2011

Criminals of any age had better beware.

The University of Technology in Sydney Australia has recently announced some rather good news for those interested in solving crimes where, the non-porous surfaces have made the detection of  fingerprints difficult or impossible to collect. Such surfaces, such as skin, have made it near to impossible to detect finger marks. That is all about to change very quickly, according to the marvelous research that has been conducted in Sydney Australia. Isn't it marvelous that the nation that was originally founded as a prison for hardened criminals of the UK, will soon yield the most exciting news to come out of Criminal Science in the last hundred years. Dr. Spindler, pHd. the principle researcher says that latent finger-marks of any age can be detected, making the solving of cold cases a new and exciting possibility.  Elliot Ness would be very proud indeed.

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