Sunday, June 5, 2011

Green Lantern 3D:

Opening in theaters June 17 2011. The Green Lantern 3D: the rise of the Man hunters is based on the DC Comics hit the Green Lantern. Re envisioned in 1949 by DC Comics editor Julius Schwartz, of Batman and Superman fame, The green Lantern's hero Hal Reynolds, is recruited by a dying purple alien to take the ring that chooses its own owner with the stipulation that they must be able to overcome fear, and swear the oath to the lantern, to join the intergalactic legion of super heroes, the green Lantern Corps. Hal travels to the home planet of the alien AO, and trains as a green lantern guardian who must defend sector 2814 planets including earth, against the menace Parallax, Hal’s alter ego of the future, and enlists the help of other green lantern corps officers to protect earth from annihilation. See the exciting trailer here. 

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